Telomere testing has revolutionized how we define and quantify aging. Previously, qualitative patient accounts like the decline in energy and performance were the only measures of aging. Now using breakthroughs in molecular testing, we are able to offer you a true glimpse into your aging process—Telomere Testing.

What is a Telomere?

A telomere is a region of proteins at the end of your DNA chromosome that protect your genetic material from deterioration. Simply stated, a telomere is a protective cap at the end of your genes that can get worn down and shorter with time and unhealthy behavior. This shortening leads to advanced aging.
Here at Radiant Health SF, we can send your blood out to Spectracell Labs ,determine your telomere length and compare that to your chronological age. From there, the doctors at Radiant Health SF will personalize a natural anti-aging program focused on orthomolecular supplementation to support your telomere length. As we treat, we can retest and track your telomere progress!

Start now by taking a fun, entertaining questionnaire to see what your “true age” is today.

True Age Questionnaire

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