Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue can significantly disrupt our lives. It is a term used to describe a set of symptoms in both men and women consisting of difficulty sleeping, fatigue, inability coping with normal stress, irritability, lack of concentration, anxiety, low blood pressure and libido, and an increased susceptibility to illnesses such as colds and flus. If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, you may have over-worked adrenal glands.

Burn-out happens when the adrenal glands are fatigued due to long-term or acute physical and mental stress. When this occurs, the adrenal glands are unable to produce the necessary amounts of hormones needed for the body to cope with stress. Cortisol and DHEA are two of the primary hormones that decrease during adrenal fatigue. These decreases can lead to fatigue, irritability and an increased severity of menopausal and andropausal symptoms such as weight gain, insomnia, loss of lean body mass, loss of motivation, hot flashes and more.

Treatment Options

The best treatment for burn-out is to avoid stress, get enough sleep and take a long holiday. But since stress is so hard to completely avoid these days, there are other treatments options that can help. Exercise, a whole food diet, and nourishing adrenal supplements and/or bioidentical hormones are key factors in the prevention and treatment of burn-out.The doctors at Radiant Health SF can help you regain your adrenal health by initially testing where you sit in the spectrum of adrenal fatigue and then recommending various dietary and lifestyle recommendations, orthomolecular supplements/herbal supplements and bioidentical hormones depending on your specific needs*.

*Results vary from person to person

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