You May Love Food, But Some Foods May Not Love You

Food Sensitivities

If you’re experiencing digestive upset such as gas and bloating, low energy, eczema, headaches or difficulty losing weight you might want to consider food sensitivity testing.

Food sensitivity testing uncovers the foods that disagree with you. Every time you eat these disagreeable foods your body launches an attack resulting in inflammation and immune activation. When this happens you develop symptoms of intestinal upset (gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea,) low energy and mood, weight gain, headaches and even behavioral conditions. By eliminating these foods from your diet you can experience a new level of health as well as significantly decrease the risk of developing chronic disease and premature aging.

I have seen the reversal of Crohn’s disease, ADHD, Eczema, Psoriasis, IBS, chronic migraines, high blood pressure and even a decrease in some autoimmune conditions just by the removal of food sensitivities.

Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivity testing is different from food allergy testing in that food allergy testing most often involves an allergist skin prick test. The allergist is testing if you have an allergic reaction instead of a sensitivity. Allergic reactions can present themselves as hives, eczema, breathing difficulties and anaphylaxis and generally involve the IgE antibody and histamine release. People with food allergies typically present with symptoms within a couple minutes to a few hours after eating the allergic food.

Food sensitivities, on the other hand, involve the IgG antibody and often do not show symptoms for at least 2 to 48 hours later. The symptoms are more generalized and often hard to trace back to a particular food. This is why it is important to actually get a food sensitivity test.

So get tested today and discover the foods you love, that may not love you.

Dr. Kristy Vermeulen, ND Naturopathic Doctor San Francisco

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