Supporting Optimal Thyroid Health Against All Odds

Hello! I wanted to share some quick and easy tips that can help support optimal thyroid health.

As we age our thyroid function normally slows down. This decreased function can lead to weight gain, fatigue, dry skin and hair loss – all things we don’t want! So what can you do to keep your thyroid healthy?

Number 1: 200mcg selenium daily

Number 2: 20mg zinc daily

Number 3: Make sure your multivitamin contains trace amounts of iodine.

Most people nowadays use sea salt, instead of the regular table salt. The problem with this is that sea salt does not contain iodine, an important nutrient for proper thyroid conversion. So, if you use sea salt, make sure your multivitamin contains trace amounts of iodine.

Number 4: Keep your body moving.

Walking to work, taking the stairs or asking for a standing desk can all keep you moving during the day, supporting your thyroid and metabolism.
Hope these tips help keep you feeling balanced and in tip-top shape!



Dr. Kristy Vermeulen, ND

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