Having optimal cognitive function is essential to everyday performance in our lives. There are many “smart drugs” available on the market but many of them come with long term side effects. The Radiant Health team has designed a natural cognitive enhancers and individual program to help improve your memory, focus, mental sharpness and motivation without the long term side effects such as headaches, heart palpitations and insomnia.

Our cognitive enhancement program includes:

  • Neurotransmitter, nutrient and hormone testing to check your individual levels so we can tailor your treatment recommendations specific
    ally for you
  • Individualized nutrition program
  • Natural and safe cognitive enhancement supplements
  • Appropriate follow-up and support during your program
  • Retesting near the end of your program to ensure cognition has been optimized
  • Long term maintenance program

If you would like to get started with your cognitive enhancement program
please call our office at 415-590-2899.

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