Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) for SKIN, HAIR, SCARS, and SEX!

PRP is a safe, established, and effective technique for the rehabilitation and regeneration of accessory connective tissues. Within our blood, there are cells called platelets that lead the repair of our bodies by releasing a cadre of beneficial proteins and enzymes. Upon release of these “factors”, repair is initiated by the migration of stem cells, fibroblasts, and other mesenchymal progenitors. Supported by over 60 years of research and use for repairing soft tissue injuries, PRP now enjoys a rejuvenation of its own in aesthetic medicine. Simply put, we are stimulating your body’s own natural ability to heal for beauty.

Hair Rejuvenation with PRP

Here at Radiant Health SF, we extract, purify, activate and deliver PRP to improve wrinkles, “crepey” décolleté, and scars. We also can direct PRP to the scalp to increase the number of hair follicles to help thicken thinning hair. Male and female sexual enhancement has also been reported with targeted PRP therapy. This process is safe as it is your own blood (Autologous PRP) with no risk of reaction or rejection. Infections are very rare as your white blood cells that normally fight off infections are concentrated with your platelets during the purification process.

Why inject toxins in yourself when there is an alternative. Come in for a consultation with our PRP specialist, Dr. Wang, and see if it’s right for you.

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