The Dermapen is a patented device that quickly transforms the surface of the skin by introducing micro-channels using fine surgical grade micro-needles moving at a rapid rate. These micro-channels trigger growth factors and collagen regeneration while allowing for deeper penetration for topical serum such as Hylunia hyaluronic acid and PRP. It is FDA approved for both wrinkle reductions and scar improvement. It’s comparable to high powered laser techniques but gentle enough for delicate under eye areas and lips.

The Dermapen Advantage

  • Permanent reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Removes stretch marks
  • Improves acne scars
  • Tightens and lifts aging skin
  • Safer and less invasive than laser with less downtime

The Dermapen Experience

A numbing cream will be first applied to the skin for 15 minutes to render this procedure painless. A cooling sterilization of the skin with alcohol will be used to clean the face. PRP or other topicals may be used on the skin with the Dermapen micro-needling procedure for maximum rejuvenating effect. Most patients feel just a slight sensation as the Dermapen glides over the area in 3 different directions with ultra fine needles rapidly passing through the epidermis. Simple and effective, your procedure will leave your skin pink and sensitive but glowing. All sun exposure should be limited for the day.

Pricing depends on regions treated.

Best results are attained with a series of 4-6 visits in 2-4 week intervals and combined with PRP.

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