Happy Hormones Video Course


Join Dr. Kristy as she discusses the most common hormone imbalances. During the course Dr. Kristy will help you uncover your hormone imbalances and share with you her expert recommendations on how to get back in balance.


The Happy Hormones Video Course is designed to teach you all the important
information about your hormones, so you can look and feel fabulous again.
You can have your health back in just six short weeks by following the
nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations taught in this course.
Dr. Kristy will give you the information needed to help you lose weight,
improve your sleep and mood, increase your libido, stop the hair loss and
decrease your hot flashes and night-sweats.

The video course is split into 6 video lessons:
Lesson 1: Hormones 101 – what are they and why are they important
Lesson 2: Diagnose your own hormone imbalances
Lesson 3: What you should and shouldn’t eat for optimal hormone balance
Lesson 4: Treatment recommendations for the most common hormone imbalances
Lesson 5: Bioidentical Hormone FAQs
Lesson 6: Putting it all together

There are extra documents for download to help with your success during the
program. Please review them during the first video lesson to ensure you
have everything you need to reach your health goals!.

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