Colleen Gillespie

Colleen is a certified Health & Life Coach with a strong passion for holistic health. She has spent over ten years in the wellness industry and is a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Creator and Instructor.

Her well-rounded approach has allowed her clients and groups to find success in their own health, weight loss, and goal attainment. Colleen believes that transformation occurs when the right system and accountability are in place, and that is where her work can assist you in feeling and looking your best.

With training in transformational coaching techniques, Colleen will help you gain confidence, lose weight, raise your energy levels, create healthy habits and beliefs, and get into a fitness routine you can stick with. She will hold you accountable as you step into the best version of yourself. This unique program will help you break any old beliefs about diets and weight loss, and is a system you can use for the rest of your life!

Find out more about our 12 week transformational radiant health coaching program.

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