2017 Year of the Yin Fire Rooster: Sign of Dawn and Awakening

Rise & Shine!

For our ancestors, the Rooster’s crow was significant. It was meant to awaken people to get up and get to work!

So it’s time to hear that Rooster’s Call (crow)! We all started strong at the beginning of January. I praise you on your effort and I am just here to help keep that momentum going by reminding you of the characteristics that the Yin Fire Rooster offers us this year and how we can tap into these elements for ourselves.

Roosters have an internal clock that helps them to anticipate sunrise. We have one too! It’s called our circadian rhythm and it helps us follow the cycles of day and night. It’s a New Year and it’s time for a new routine. Routine, Routine, Routine! Did you know it takes 28 days to break a bad habit? …Well, I’m a ‘Glass Half-Full’ type of person and I like to go by the rule that it takes 28 days to develop good habits! We need to wake up the same time every morning, eat our meals the same time everyday and go to bed at a set time every night. This can be difficult to do in our modern world but again we must try, for Health’s sake! Once we have trained our internal clocks this becomes a lot easier.

My suggestion is to begin by developing a nightly routine to let your body know when it is time for bed. Take a nice warm bath, drink a cup of herbal tea, read a book (make sure to turn that computer off an hour before). If you can get to sleep at the same time every evening then it is a lot easier to wake at a specific time every morning too.

Also, being Punctual means showing up for Yourself! ….Everyday, Every time!


This is a big one! Being Honest with yourself is incredibly difficult, believe me, I know! …But it is one of the most important and basic aspects of forming a new health routine. Be Honest. What is working for you and what is not? Are you postponing that workout until the afternoon only to be too busy with work and never getting to it? Would it be better to wake up an hour earlier and do it then instead of waiting?

Mine is not drinking enough water!.. I was doing so good, come January 1st, I bought an app that had a timer. My phone would buzz every two hours telling me to drink my glass of water.. Here I am, the third week of January and I am already Ignoring that alarm! I know I’m not drinking enough water, my phone tells me I’m not drinking enough water and yet, I convince myself that I am!

Again, it’s a New Year and it is time to drop the things that are not serving You and this means Honesty is the Best Policy!


Do you know what else a Rooster does?.. It Struts!.. And you should too!.. Hold your head up high and be Proud of Yourself. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is no easy task. It takes Courage to want to change and to step out of your comfort zone, and it is You that has done this. It’s not only important to count your blessings everyday, you must also celebrate your accomplishments!

Believing that you can do something is half the battle. Be Confident that you have this and that you are on the right path to success!


2017 is not the year for just any ‘ole rooster, it is the year of the Yin Fire Rooster! And in the Yin Fire Rooster, there are two opposing forces going on. First, the Yin aspect creates this ability to go inward while the Fire element carries the characteristic of expanding outward. Quite literally we can have the ability this year to ignite that inner spark while at the same time radiating that Fire outward!.. The Yin Fire Rooster is hard-working, it’s persistent and it’s enthusiastic… about being Hard-working and Persistent!…My mother used say, “When hard work and opportunity meet, this is when you find success.” Well, this is it!.. This is Our opportunity. We’ve been doing the hard work and now with this Yin Fire energy we have the opportunity to really begin to see the results and achieve Our heart’s desires.

We’re on Fire, we’re Hot and there’s just No Stopping Us!! Cultivate this spirit and this will lead you far.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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